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The Ponut Pack is back, complete with your typical array of fat pony asses, big juicy ponuts, and fat horsecocks. This time in Dark Magic theme, ponies dabble in forbidden rituals to summon demons and tentacles to ravage their sensitive buttholes. Futa versions included! For those with patrician tastes, there are "chocolate" edits too.

This Artpack is for Adults Only! 18+

Artists / Characters involved
  • Czubox - Fluttershy, Bat-Twilight, and Pinkie
  • d1ckbitch - Celestia
  • Dryadex - Twilight
  • Eight_Strokes - Pinkie
  • hexado - Twilight, Luster Dawn, and Extras
  • Mittsies - Applejack, Glimmer, and Trixie
  • Nozukz - Izzy, Sunny, Pinkie, and Twilight
  • Pearly Iridescence - Cadence, and Daring Do
  • PyroXtra - Glimmer, Bat-Trixie, and Izzy
  • Skunk-Bunk - Celestia, and Chrysalis
  • Some_Leech - (Fanfics) Twilight, plus various other characters
  • Toby art - Twilight, Fluttershy, and Demon-Dashie
  • wenni - Tempest
  • Cheekles - Twilight (Chocolate pack only)

Thanks, enjoy! 🍩

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Ponut Pack 7 - Vanilla 2 GB
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Can someone tell me how many images come in this

Always wierd I gotta find out about these packs like third hand, I buy every one, there should be some kind of mailing list.

Oh great, because of a new Twitter post about it, I bought this pack twice, fuck


Hello, ive seen some of the previous works, and was just wondering if you could maybe do like a "light" version of scat, kind of like how you did on reaper anal rodeo animation and the squirrel animation years ago, where scat was being kept to a minimum... not like full on defecation, which to be honest i have nothing against, i mean if people like that to each their own, im sure ponut pack 7 is great but have you guys changed the ammount of scat, because in older entries it was just full on "disgusting" again no offense to the people that like it its just id like something more along the lines of "oops i had a bit of dirt inside" not "oops i had a huge load just waiting to come out"

And well maybe in future entries this *could* become a possibility? Tagged maybe as "light scat" or "very light scat" 


This pack made me join this site <3


Pony Ponut Time! <3 Yum. XD