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This pony parody art pack contains 26 image sets390 images in total. The vanilla version contains fewer sets and images. All images were created exclusively for this pack. Every character is of legal age. Kinky versions are organized into separate folders. You can expect the standard Ponut Pack variety of fetishes: anal sex, dickgirl versions, farting/scat, etc. This is the full version of Ponut Pack IV, including Chapters 1 and 2, as well as some extra content too. 

While there is no minimum cost for this pack, we suggest the price of $10 to compensate the artists for their time putting this project together, but ultimately you should pay what you feel is fair. By purchasing this pack you're actively supporting this type of content and providing incentive for artists to create more packs like it in the future. We hope you like it either way!

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  • Vanilla Edition: Excludes hardcore fetishes. 765 MB.
  • Chocolate Edition: Contains all files. 1.83 GB.

Artists / Characters involved:

  • DankFlank - Twilight, Celestia
  • TobyArt - Fluttershy (Bat Form), Pinkie Pie, Pigpen
  • Skunk Bunk - Nightmare Moon, Applejack, Stellar Flare
  • Mittsies - Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy (Bat Form)
  • Lord Superstar - Rarity, Rarity
  • Pearly Iridescence - Nightmarity, Maud, Queen Novo, Rain Shine
  • mSnake - Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash
  • PonyPrints - Twilight (Bat Form), Lily Lace
  • DubiousDummy - Rarity, Twilight, Luna, Fluttershy
  • RevaDiehard - Pinkie Pie
  • Dryadex - Pinkie Pie
  • Hexado - Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Twilight, Shining Armor

Want to see more? All of the Ponut Packs can be found here: http://mittsies.com/ponutpacks.html

Thanks, enjoy! 🍩



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Ponut Pack IV (Vanilla Edition).7z 765 MB
Ponut Pack IV (Chocolate Edition).7z 1 GB
Ponut Pack IV (Chocolate Edition) Extras Only.7z 375 MB

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