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This pony parody art pack contains 20 base pictures by 11 different artists. All images were created exclusively for this pack. Every character is female and of legal age.  For those who are into EFRO, there's a "Chocolate" edition of the pack that includes fart & scat edits (75 images total). And for those who aren't: pls no bully. We just hope you enjoy the art, whatever your tastes are!

While there is no minimum cost for this pack, we suggest the price of $10 to compensate the artists for their time putting this project together. That gives each artist 50 cents per image they contributed. You should pay what you think is fair, of course, so don't feel obligated to pay a certain amount. 

Want to see more?
All of the Ponut Packs can be found here: http://mittsies.com/ponutpacks.html

Version Downloads:

  • Vanilla: Base pictures only. No EFRO-Fetish edits. 92 MB.
  • Chocolate: Contains all images, including EFRO-Fetish edits. 273 MB.

Artists / Characters involved:

  • Mittsies, drawing Twilight and Fluttershy
  • Eightball, drawing Moondancer and Pinkie
  • LunarMarshmallow, drawing Twilight and Derpy
  • LordSuperstar, drawing Applejack and Lyra+Bonbon
  • Weatherly, drawing Celestia and Suri
  • Oouichi, drawing Rarity and Mrs. Cake
  • Cheekles, drawing Pinkie and Flitter+Cloudchaser
  • pdxyz, drawing Ms. Peachbottom and Saffron Masala
  • Kit-Bash, drawing Octavia and Fresh Paint
  • Kloudmutt, drawing Songbird Serenade
  • Kyokimute (aka RHK), drawing Tempest

Thanks, enjoy!

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Ponut Pack Vanilla 91 MB
Ponut Pack Chocolate (Warning: EFRO-Fetishes) 273 MB


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I love this Ponut Pack, especially Eightball's donut, which is getting so creamy with cum! Mmmmm~!


First time I ever payed for porn. A pack full of high quality pone fart and scat is the best. 


this is the best thing that's happened in a long time.